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Press Release

April 10, 2008

The Government of Colombia hereby informs that:

1. Colombia and the United States have been allies and friends for many years. We consider the Free Trade Agreement a natural manner in which to strengthen our relation.

2. Colombia has always had a bipartisan approach from the US in their relations with our country. More than situational relations with one party or with one Government, these are historical and timeless relations between States.

3. By approving the TLC, the United States would be strengthening the financial growth of the two countries, supporting democracy, fighting against drugs and facilitating the road to peace and prosperity in Colombia and throughout the region.

4. We trust the Congress and the Executive branch will find a bipartisan solution in order to make progress regarding the approval of the agreement. Every day that passes by is a lost opportunity for the citizens of the two countries.

Bogotá, April 10, 2008.
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