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Colombia - A leader on fighting terrorism
The Miami Herald
25 November 2008
Byline: James K. Glassman

This is our problem too
The Independent
19 November 2008

Obama's Lame Duck Opportunity - Let Bush take the free-trade heat
Wall Street Journal
12 November 2008

Pass the Pact - U.S. economic woes strengthen the case for free trade with Colombia
Washington Post
12 November 2008

Press Release
(October 29)

Press Release
(October 13)

Regional Summit on the World Drug Problem, Security and Cooperation
(August 1)

Remarks by the President on free trade with western hemisphere leaders
(September 24)

Making mercenaries pay
The Miami Herald
Byline: Francisco Santos Calderon, Vice President of Colombia
23 May, 2008

President Alvaro Uribe of Colombia speaks on the occasion of the delivery in extradition of persons subjected to the Law of Justice and Peace
(May 13)

Intervention by h. e. Francisco Santos Calderón, Vice-president of Colombia, before the Human Rights Council presenting the Universal Periodic Review prepared by the State of Colombia
(April 10)

Press Release
(April 10)

Official Announcement
(March 31)

Press Release
(March 31)

Press Release
(March 3)

Reply of the Ministry of External Affairs to the Government of Ecuador
(March 2)

Press Release from the Ministry of Defense
(March 1)

“What there is today is a new expression of the Farc’s terrorist delusion.”: President Uribe
(February 17)

Facing down the Farc
Public sentiment turns against the hostage-takers
Feb 7th 2008

Colombia seeks commerce, investment
By: Francisco Santos Calderón, Vice President of Colombia
The Miami Herald
January 29, 2008

Testimony of Wilson Rey, leader of the Movement against the Clearance of Vistahermosa, Meta
(January 19)

Official Announcement
(January 16)

Official Announcement
(January 11)

High Commissioner for Human Rights welcomes the release of Colombian hostages
(January 11)

Documents 2008

Confidence en Colombia
Social cohesion - Based on freedoms

Investment based - On social responsability

Security - Based on democracy
38 Assembly General OAS