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April 08

‘We need you in Colombia’, President Uribe told investors

During a breakfast with 35 important businessmen at the Santa Teresa Hotel, in Cartagena, as part of the Latin American World Economic Forum, the Head of State highlighted the advantages of investing in the country and made an invitation to endorse investment confidence.

Cartagena, Apr 8 (SP). While he was exposing the benefits of Colombia in terms of investment, President Álvaro Uribe Vélez reiterated the opportunities that investors have in the countries. ‘We need you in Colombia, we need you´, the Head of State said to a group of 35 important investors.

The Head of the Government recognized the importance of having Cartagena as the host for the Latin American World Economic Forum, and considered this as an opportunity for foreign investors to trust in the country.

“I want to reiterate our gratitude, on behalf of all Colombians, for your presence here in the country. It is extremely important for Colombia; this is a clear sign for the global community, that Colombia deserves confidence”, he said, during a breakfast at the Santa Teresa Hotel, in Cartagena, as part of the Latin American World Economic Forum.

As for the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Luis Guillermo Plata, reminded all the reforms implemented in the commercial field and the advantages that it brings to business men, including a remarkable progress in business rankings. “For three years in a row, Colombia has been named one of the top ten reformers in the world, by the World Bank, in improving its business climate”, he stressed.

As President Uribe, Minister Plata invited investors to come to the country and reiterated the guarantees that the State offers to foreigners: ‘We really stand for that (investment trust) and that Colombia really provides and delivers, for investors, confidence and a good place for doing business’.

At the meeting, the businessmen had the opportunity to dialogue with the Head of State and the Ministers of Commerce and Mines and Energy, Hernán Martínez Torres.
Several companies’ directors participated in the meeting, such as Dell, Coca Cola, AT&T, PLC Group, Tata, Polar (Venezuela), Comscore, Genpact, Petrotiger, Global Government Relations and Jubilant Organosys.



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