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April 15

“Grateful for what has been done and for the commitment in what is next”: Uribe told Gates

The Colombian Head of State met on Thursday with the U.S. Secretary of Defense and reiterated the mutual commitment in order to move forward in security for a better future for the citizens of both countries.

Bogotá, April 15 (SP). President Álvaro Uribe Vélez expressed the United States Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, his gratitude for the willingness that his country has to support Colombia, especially in the fight against drug trafficking and terrorism.

“Grateful for what has been done and for the commitment in what is next, because the path still has a fair way to go, so we can tell the world that we have consolidated here a victory against narco terrorism”, Uribe Vélez said to the press, after a meeting with Gates and the Minister of Defense, Gabriel Silva, at the Casa de Nariño.

“Secretary Gates, thank you very much for your visit to Colombia. Thank you very much for your permanent interest. Thank you very much for your permanent interest in our country, for your willingness to help us at all times”, he added.

The Head of State said that in the meeting, they reiterated the commitment to fight narco terrorism: “The action between our two governments, with the constant support of our people, is going to let us say, in a near future, that Colombia has totally overcome the long night of narco terrorism”.

President Uribe expressed that the support to Colombia and the progress made in the field of security, are an encouraging message for the new generation of Colombian citizens. 

“Winning this battle in Colombia probes that it can be win in the whole world and is a guarantee, not only for the new generations of Colombians, but also for the new generations of North Americans and all the countries who respect freedom”, Uribe pointed out.

He explained how young Colombians have already found a country with more possibilities, which is possible –he said- due to the definitive aid received from the United States.

“To 18 years old Colombians, who where 8 years old when our Government began, I want to tell them that all that security, freedom, that they feel today, has been gained little by little, with great efforts from our soldiers, from our policemen, from our Government and with a very committed help from the United States”, the Head of State finished.



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