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Januay 06

President Uribe’s statement about press release of the Farc in which they admit the murder of the Governor of Caquetá

Bogota, Jan 6 (SP). In an interview with Radio Viva of Pasto, Nariño Department, President Álvaro Uribe Vélez talked about the recent press release in which the Farc admit the murder of the Governor of Caquetá, Luis Francisco Cuellar. This was his statement:

“Last night they told me about these press releases of the Farc. What do you think about it? They justify the murder of the Governor of Caquetá (Luis Francisco Cuellar).

That narco terrorist group of the Farc is a murderer and a liar. And they are cynical. They shed blood and then they write doctoral press releases. They shed blood and lie.
However, we must not be surprised. Because they have always lied.

Now, on December 31st, I remembered how two years ago in Villavicencio, the Farc lie to us about Emanuel boy. And I have remembered, owing to last night’s lie, how the Farc lie to us when they murdered the deputies of Valle del Cauca.

That group is thug and liar. That group steals and snorts. In addition, it is sad how we have suffered this nightmare of that terrorist group of the Farc, for almost 50 years now. That began in early 60’s. Be obligated to suffer from that nightmare.

That is why, all those bandits, all of them, and those drug trafficking terrorist bands, all of it, must be abolished so this country can live in peace.

There is no justification for the way that this group murder and lie.

Then, they have some citizens living in Europe; Colombians from the Farc that are in Europe pretending to be doctors. They graduated from university and what they have done is to serve as accomplices to those criminals. Then, they write press releases supporting those criminals.

Those Farc members who are in Europe, born in Colombia, who studied in a university, who have university titles, we must put them in their place. Those are only ‘white-collar’ criminals. 

The people who write those press releases of the Farc in some European countries, and who write on Web sites of the Farc, those are white-collar criminals, white-collar hit men.

Now, the Farc has a video made with the help of some foreigners, to tell another lie to the world. Now they want to pose as farmers, workers. They don’t even grow coca; what they do is to exploit farmers to grow coca and they are the ones who get the money from the coca. That is what Farc does.

And what they do is to kill farmers and kill teachers and kill the Governor and kill deputies, and now, with the help of some foreigners that helped them with a video, now those executioners of the Colombian people, want to pretend to be farmers.


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