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Januay 28

President Uribe finished his first meeting with International investors in Davos

During a Business breakfast, the Head of State explained Colombia’s benefits in terms of investment to 16 businessmen. He stressed all the advancements achieved in security and tax system incentives.

Davos, Switzerland, Jan 28 (SP). President Álvaro Uribe Vélez presented Colombia this Thursday, as a safe destiny for investment before a group of international investors who are participating in the World Economic Forum in Davos (Switzerland).

During that first meeting -a business breakfast that is part of his agenda in Davos- the Head of State explained the 16 investor who were at the meeting, Colombia’s offer for diversification of the markets and tax incentives.

President Uribe and the Minister of Trade, Industry and Tourism, Luis Guillermo Plata, presented the possibilities that Colombia is offering for investment, including security and tax incentives. 

In the same way, he talked about the new economy sectors that the Government is promoting and the trade agreements that are in process for approval.

The meeting was hosted by Proexport and different companies were invited, form different industries such as hotels, manufacturing, food, cosmetics and finance services.

One of the guests, an executive from a hotel chain, who had to abandon the country for security reasons a few years ago, told President Uribe his willingness to return to the country and start new investments.

Some of the investors who went to the meeting were Paul Bulcke, Chief Executive of Nestle; William Rhodes, Vice President of the Citigroup; Sonja Bata, President of Bata Canadá; Chey, Tae-Won, from SK Holdings; y Bernd Beetz, Chief Executive and CEO of CotyN, a cosmetics factory from the United States, among others.


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