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Januay 29

Founder of the World Economic Forum met with President Uribe in Davos

The Head of State explained Professor Klaus Schwab that being the host for the Latin American version of the Forum has a great meaning for Colombia in terms of international confidence. According to the Colombian President, Schwab was “very interested” for the arrangement of the event.

Davos, Switzerland, Jan 29 (SP). President Álvaro Uribe Vélez talked this Friday with the founder of the World Economic Forum, Professor Klaus Schwab, about the advancements of the arrangements for the Forum in Latin America, which will be hold in Cartagena on April 6 - 8.

The Head of State told Schwab that for that event they are expecting for more than 400 foreign visitors, including heads of state, businesspersons, academics and social organizations’ delegates.

After the meeting, President Uribe pointed out that Professor Schwab is very interested in the development of that event in Colombia. 

“He has never visited Colombia. He is very interested, hopeful for a good result in Cartagena’s Forum”, Uribe said.

During the meeting, the President explained the founder of the WEF the meaning that for Colombia has being the host of the Forum: regaining international confidence in our country as host for big events.

“We expect this to be a great contribution for what Colombia is been doing, which is consolidating a security policy, a policy for investment confidence, as presumptions for being able to get resources for the social policy”, the Head of State added. 

At the World Economic Forum in Cartagena, the participants will evaluate impact initiatives to overcome poverty, as well as actions to face some challenges as climate change and biodiversity preservation.


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