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February 09

At Unasur, President Uribe offered shelters’ pilot project for 200 families from Haiti

At the Summit of Unsaur held this Tuesday, the Colombian Head of State said that while the countries decide the way the regional organization is going to participate in the reconstruction of Haiti, Colombia will install some provisional buildings to benefit the first 200 families.

Quito, Ecuador, Feb 9 (SP). President Álvaro Uribe Vélez offered a quick installation of 200 shelters for the victims of Haiti at Unasur’s Summit, as an aid pilot project while the regional organization defines the path for its participation in the reconstruction of Haiti.

The Head of State explained that Colombia’s experience with the earthquake of Armenia (Quindío) in 1999, gives an advantage in knowing the costs, efficiency and benefits of that kind of buildings in emergencies.

“Generally, our shelters are not tent shelters. We build a long-term shelter; it costs around one million dollars for every 200 families, for a long period. That shelter has dormitories, common area, kids area, kitchen area and bathroom areas”, the Colombian Leader pointed out.

The South American leaders are gathered in the capital of Ecuador to coordinate the actions of the different states to help Haiti, victim of an earthquake of 7.3 degrees, last January 12.

President Uribe added that if they approve the initiative, Colombia would immediately contribute with everything needed for the construction, which would be a pilot project for what shelters might be for the victims of Haiti.



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