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June 09

“Hillary and Bill Clinton’s visit to Bogotá demonstrates confidence in Colombia” -President Uribe

During the press conference he offered with US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton in Casa de Nariño, the leader thanked the top American official and her husband for their demonstration of confidence. Similarly, he expressed his gratitude with the American people, the Executive, and Barack Obama’s government for the support they have offered Colombia during his presidency.

Bogotá, June 9, 2010 (SP). President Álvaro Uribe Vélez pointed out last Wednesday that the best publicity for confidence in Colombia is that “last night the US Secretary of State and ex-President Bill Clinton were at a restaurant in Bogotá, completely relaxed, enjoying this beautiful city and its great restaurants.”

During a press conference he offered with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Casa de Nariño, the  President thanked the top American official and her husband for their demonstration of confidence in the country.

“A few years ago, due to terrorism’s advance, this was unthinkable. Your visit, the fact that you spent the night in Bogotá, and President Clinton’s frequent visits, are a great manifestation of confidence in Colombia”, he indicated.  

Similarly, he thanked the American people, the Executive, and Barack Obama’s administration for the support they have offered Colombia throughout his administration.

“I would like to thank, through you, the people of the United States, the Executive, President Obama, the support our administration has had these past eight years. There is a great task ahead, but I believe we have sown good seeds.“

In the same way, he expressed his gratitude and complaisance to Secretary Clinton for her support for Colombia, remembering that the country is not “paradise, but we are winning.”

“Thank you very much for this visit; for this new demonstration of endorsement for Colombia. This battle can be won. But we cannot defect. We have many problems ahead, but there has also been progress,” he indicated.

He added: “Our work for efficiency and security is as important as our devotion to liberties, upholding of the constitution, and human rights. We have waged a great battle against narcoterrorism.”

President Uribe held that American support for Colombia has been practical and not rhetorical, highlighting the advances that his country’s foreign policy has had during his administration, in sight of the war against terrorism.

“If something has changed in Colombia’s foreign policy, it is that, before, we did not conform with a pat on the back. Today we have reestablished the right of Colombians that terrorism not be protected anywhere. And we always present as an example the practical, not rhetoric, help that Colombia has received from the US.

“And Colombia, which has been a loyal ally to the United States, hopes to continue counting on such a fruitful alliance for the next generations of Colombians,” he said.

On her part, Secretary Clinton thanked the President for his hospitality, indicating that her country will continue to support the Colombian people so that what has been achieved is conducive of greater accomplishments.

“And you are completely right, we had a wonderful dinner here in Bogotá with friends, some Colombian, some American, and we talked about how incredible it is that we can celebrate an event like this, with such normalcy.”

“And when I was coming by car to Nariño, seeing this magnificent city, my heart was filled with the hope I know  so many Colombians feel that what has been attained will only lead to greater achievements. We will stand by the Colombian people for it to be this way ,” concluded the top American official.


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