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June 09

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recognizes Colombia’s human rights advancements

“I have expressed the Obama administration’s commitment to continue to be Colombia’s ally in  consolidating security advances in recent years,” with these words, the top American official expressed her country’s willingness to continue supporting Colombia in its road to progress.

Bogotá, June 9, 2010 (SP). “We recognize Colombia´s progress in human rights, the challenges that remain, and the need for oversight and compromise in this area, “emphasized United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton last Wednesday.

During her visit to Colombia, Mrs. Clinton highlighted Colombia´s advances despite the great challenges it has faced and against which, she said, the alliance with the United States will continue.

“This past decade, Colombia has faced great challenges and progressed immensely is due to its government’s leadership, and the dedication and persistence of the Colombian people.”

“And even with the challenges that remain in this struggle, Colombia carries out an increasingly important  and positive regional role, be it with the promotion of clean energy or with the efforts for support in Haiti. The United States has been proud to stand with Colombia and we will continue to stand with you in the future,” she emphasized.

In her meeting with President Uribe, Clinton said that they talked about Colombia´s ongoing efforts to fight against organized violence and drug-trafficking and asserted that she had the opportunity to express “the Obama administration’s compromise to continue to be Colombia’s ally in consolidating security advances in recent years.”

She also stressed that Colombia is a leader in its region, active in energy issues (biofuel) and climate change, citing the implementation of environmentally friendly public transportation.

“Colombia is a partner we value—a leader—and we hope to be able to deepen and broaden our alliance,” she said.
Finally, she pointed out that the meeting with the presidential candidates allowed her to sense the strength of the Colombian democracy and assured that “the United States will work closely and productively with whichever candidate is elected by the Colombian people in this second round.”



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