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August 13
Mexico highlighted trade relations’ growth with Colombia

In his visit to Colombia, President Felipe Calderón stressed that currently, both countries’ trade exchange exceeds 4 billion dollars and that there is potential to increase competitiveness.

Bogotá, August 13 (SP). The President of Mexico, Felipe Calderón, highlighted the growth of trade exchange between his country and Colombia and pointed that trade between both countries exceeds 4 billion dollars.

“Nowadays we trade over 4 billion dollars a year, which is, as President Uribe said, significantly higher than 2006. If we compare trade’s growth between Colombia and Mexico, since we signed the ‘Group of Three’ Free Trade Agreement, we can see that trade has grew 860 per cent”, The Mexican Head of State said.

He expressed that thanks to the agreement signed by the two countries to avoid double taxation and evasion, there is going to be increase of competitiveness and better conditions for development.

“That trade growth has mean investment, employment and better conditions for the people of both nations. We are aware that we still have much economic potential” Calderón said.

The ‘Group of Three’, which controls trade between Colombia and Mexico, was originally composed of Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela.

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