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News - July 2009

Press Release

National Police highlights reduction in attacks to trade union members and teachers

Press Release

‘I hope guerrillas could think about it and that way we might have much mores Isazas’: President Uribe

President Uribe pointed that security agreements are not meant to attack third parties.

Security agreement with the United States strengthens Plan Colombia: President Uribe

European Union acknowledges success of the Democratic Security Policy

UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights and Indigenous people arrives today to the country, invited by the Government.

President Uribe highlights achievements of Democratic Security without giving up social coverage expansion

‘Terrorism must know that we are not going to be tricked with false nationalisms’

Colombia isn’t anymore the most dangerous country for journalism

Foreign Direct Investment reached USD4.078 million in the first semester of 2009, President Uribe declared

President Uribe is the best ranked leader in Latin America according to Spanish American businessmen

‘Something that honors Colombia is a good balance between Democratic Security and social coverage’: President Uribe

President Uribe calls to evaluate negative consequences of legalizing personal dose of drugs

President Uribe invites United States business leaders to invest in Colombia

‘Approval of FTA with the United States is a sign of confidence in Colombia’: President Uribe

Colombian Government authorizes Senator Piedad Córdoba to participate in the liberation of kidnapped people

President Uribe visits Sun Valley, Idaho, in the United States

First administrative compensation is an expression from the soul to the country: President Uribe

“Today is an historical day”, the President of the National Commission of Compensation and Reconciliation highlights

Speech of Eduardo Pizarro, President of the National Commission for Compensation and Reconciliation (Nccr)

Statement of President Álvaro Uribe Vélez concerning to the decision of an Ecuadorian judge against the former Minister of Defense, Juan Manuel Santos

Despite economic crisis, investment rate in Colombia is around 25%

Press Release

Press Release


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