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News - June 2009

Colombia will persist in its goal of zero human rights violations: President Uribe

The President of the United States believes in the approval of FTA with Colombia.

Obama highlighted human rights progress of Colombia

Declaration of the president Álvaro Uribe from Washington

Presidents of Colombia and the United States will hold a meeting at the White House

UN confirms that reduction of cocaine production and crops is a result of the achievements made by the Colombian Government

Press Release

Presidency of G-8 thanked Colombia for fighting against terrorism and drug trafficking

President Uribe highlights Congress approval of Law for Victims  

Uribe invited Mayors of the United States to think how to move forward in the abolition of the use of illegal drugs

Mayors of the United States, gathered with President Uribe, showed support for the FTA WITH Colombia

‘Approval of FTA with the United States is necessary for the World to trust in Colombia’: President Uribe

President Uribe held a meeting with members of the Trade Committee of the Canadian Parliament

There is a ‘positive evolution’ for the approval of the FTA with Canada: Uribe

Approval of FTA between Colombia and Canada will send a positive message to the world-, Prime Minister Harper said.

FTA with Canada is “an additional guarantee for the rights of the workers”: President Uribe

“We are working every day to overcome impunity”: President Uribe

President Uribe had a working breakfast with 20 members of Canadian firms

Uribe asks for joint responsibility to international community in the fight against drugs.

President Uribe will promote approval of FTA with Canadá

Colombia shows progress in protecting workers rights before the ILO

Colombia signs international cooperation agreements for $115.7 million dollars

President Uribe highlighted the election of Colombia as host for the next edition of the Summit of the Americas

President Uribe ordered Ministry of Defense to denounce every violent act before the United Nations

Colombia will host the Sixth Summit of the Americas

‘We celebrate El Salvador’s democratic process’: President Uribe


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