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News - March 2009

“The best contribution for Colombia’s peace is helping us to fight these terrorists”, President Uribe says
(March 31)

Medellín heighten the name of Colombia with the IADB Assembly, highlighted President Uribe
(March 30)

Conclusions of the meeting between President Álvaro Uribe and the United States Secretary of the Treasury, Timothy Geithner
(March 29)

Keep financing through the crisis, President Uribe asked to multilaterals
(March 29)

Firmness against terrorists and search for general consent with democracy sectors
(March 28)

President Uribe had a meeting with former President Bill Clinton
(March 28)

“Remember that terrorism has no frontiers”
(March 27)

President Uribe asked Colombians to keep the trust in the country
(March 24)

Sena opens 250 thousand additional quotas for technical and technological training programs.
(March 20)

The Government of France decorated Dario Montoya, Director of SENA.
(March 17)

In Colombia, the is not a systematic action for killing union leaders anymore
(March 16)

From Honduras, President Uribe asks for International Community support to fight against terrorism and drug trafficking.
(March 16)

The President of Honduras highlighted the fight of Colombia against terrorism.
(March 16)

Colombia and Germany strengthen cooperation bonds for science and education
(March 13)

“Trust in Colombia, invest in Colombia” said President Uribe to businessman leaders
(March 10)

President Uribe asks for national and International cooperation for fighting criminal drug trafficking bands.
(March 9)

British Parliament praises Presiden Uribe for Human Rights progress
(March 6)

Russian citizens won’t need Visa to visit Colombia
(March 5)

Press Release
(March 4)

Press Release
(March 3)

President Uribe had a meeting with the Minister of Cooperation for Development of Sweden
(March 3)

Press Release
(March 2)


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