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News - April 2009

President Uribe’s Statement after his meeting with the Prime Minister of the Italian Republic, Silvio Berlusconi
(April 30)

President Uribe met with His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI
(April 30)

Statement of President Álvaro Uribe Vélez about the murder of 8 soldiers made by the FARC from Rome (Italy)
(April 29)

President Uribe asked for efficient help from the world to fight drug trafficking
(April 29)

President Uribe dedicated the Freedom Award to soldiers and policemen injured in combat.
(April 29)

President Uribe explains counter cyclical policy to Spanish investors.
(April 28)

President Uribe called for strengthening cooperation in the ‘neighborhood’
(April 28)

President Uribe inaugurated an Interactive bus about Colombia in Spain
(April 28)

President Uribe begins work agenda in Spain
(April 28)

Colombia is in the world’s top of investment trust, President Uribe highlighted
(April 24)

European Parliament congratulates the Government of Colombia for its progress in the demobilization process
(April 22)

Negotiation for investment protection agreement between Colombia and Japan begins.
(April 21)

FTA is not only important for economical reasons, but also political: Foreign Secretary.
(April 20)

President Uribe will have an audience with Pope Benedict XVI by the end of this month
(April 20)

No other country has taken the measures that Colombia has taken in Human Rights, said Foreign Secretary Bermúdez
(April 20)

‘Colombia is a friend and a solid ally of the United States” highlighted President Obama
(April 19)

Democrat Senator Max Baucus highlighted Colombia’s advances in Union Trade members’ protection
(April 18)

Statement of President Álvaro Uribe Vélez from Puerto España (Trinindad & Tobago), at the Americas Summit.
(April 18)

Captures make Armed Forces proud and make Colombians feel calmed
(April 16)

Don Mario’s detention shows that Colombia can get rid of all criminality: President Uribe
(April 15)

The Police captured today drug-trafficker aka ‘Don Mario’
(April 15)

Joint press release of the meeting between the Presidents of Colombia and Venezuela
(April 14)

President Uribe will go to Venezuela and Brazil
(April 11)

At the economic crisis, Colombian companies are less indebted.
(April 02)

The Company of Electric Interconnection Colombia – Panamá began operations
(April 01)


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