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News - October 2009

Cooperation and Security Assistance Agreement signed between Colombia and the United States

Colombia and Korea will create rehabilitation center for handicapped people who were victims of violence

‘This deplorable event shows that terrorism is international’: President Uribe

Colombia will spare no efforts to normalize its relations with the international community

Mutual help to fight drug trafficking and terrorism, President Uribe asked in Brazil

President Uribe invites Brazilian executives to integrate more with Colombia

FTA between Colombia and Guatemala must bring investment for both countries

President Uribe reiterated concern for Colombian peso revaluation

President Álvaro Uribe met with Guatemalan counterpart, Álvaro Colom

President Uribe reiterates that Colombia wants to keep good relations with neighboring countries

President Uribe highlights Police’s intelligence effort in raids against Farc in the South of Tolima

Siemens has confidence in Colombia: President Uribe


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Confidence en Colombia
Social cohesion - Based on freedoms

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38 Assembly General OAS
The FARC at their worst moment in history