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News - February 2009

The President of Panama comes to Colombia for a work meeting
(February 28)

Government announces actions to reinforce trading in frontier zones
(February 27)

Statement of the President Alvaro Uribe concerning DAS
(February 26)

The OAS unanimously condemns the assassination by the Farc of the indigenous group Awá and demands the handing over of the bodies
(February 25)

Accion Social Press Release
(February 25)

The government is concerned about taking disciplinary actions for the DAS and strengthening the institution.
(February 24)

Colombia and Brazil fulfill the world’s requirements for Biofuels production
(February 17)

Uribe thanked Lula in person for the support in the course of the liberation of the kidnapped people
(February 17)

“What there is today is a new expression of the Farc’s terrorist delusion.”: President Uribe
(February 17)

I have to look with political responsibility that these ideas could keep running Colombia
(February 16)

President Uribe held a meeting with Brazilians businessman to stimulate investment in Colombia
(February 16)



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