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Marzo 28

Firmness against terrorists and search for general consent with democracy sectors

President Uribe raised the subject, after explaining that the prospect of the two Government’s lines is based in defeating terrorism and searching for a dialogue with all different political tendencies, in order to advance in the construction of national consensus on fundamental issues. “The dialogue is with democracy. The dialogue is not with terrorists”, he stated.

Bogotá, March 28 (SP). “I want to say to all Colombians that the goal of the Government is firmness facing terrorism and willing to dialogue for the construction of consensus with different thinking sectors of National life”

That was stated by President Álvaro Uribe Vélez, before the installation of the “U” Political Party Assembly, held this Saturday in Bogotá, after explaining that Democratic Security is based in two lines.

“I would say that today we have to think in a prospect of two lines. The first line: firmness to defeat all terrorists. And the second one: searching for more dialogue with Colombians from all political tendencies to try to move forward in the construction of a national consensus about fundamental issues”, pointed the leader.

About the last violent acts done by the FARC in the last few weeks, President Uribe insisted that the National Government will not dialogue with terrorist but with democracy.

“This week has been particularly hard. The coward terrorism does not face our soldiers and policeman, but it puts anti personal mines, as the explosives put yesterday at a camp in Antioquia, near a school in a road where children often pass”.

“What kind of dialogue could it be with those bandits that show themselves by putting explosives near schools and in a children’s road? Dialogue is with democracy. Dialogue is not with terrorists”, he said.

In that way, he asked the Colombians not to be tempted by the simplistic speech to face terrorism.

“We can not be tempted by the simplistic speech to face terrorism. It needs to be faced at all times. Keep the policy. Adjust it and improve it every time. Terrorism is trying every day to affect the Democratic Security Policy. But our policeman and soldier’s heroism keeps moving on”, stressed the Head of State.

He reminded that despite of the important progress of the Democratic Security in the country, the battle has not been won yet because terrorism does not resign itself.

“If you look what have happened in Spain, Afghanistan and other places of the world, you will see that is a very difficult subject which can not be loosened. I am surprised every day that those who were elected in other places of the world, by an idea that it was moving that they will be soft facing terrorism, and when they know terrorism they become stronger every time. That is a good mirror for us”, he pointed.

Uribe Vélez concluded inviting all citizens to persist in the generation of trust in security with democratic values, investment and endeavor with social commitment and social cohesion.

“I hope that my soul does not have any motive of hate and be able to send out a warm sentiment to all Colombians, even to my hardest critics. Let’s increase plurality in the Democratic Security, for investment and endeavor with social commitment and for social cohesion”, he said.

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