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December 18

‘Climate Change threat does not give time to extend debates’: President Uribe

At the previous deliberations, before the conclusions of the Climate Change Conference, the Colombian Head of State urged to pass from debates to actions. Uribe was one of the 15 Leaders chosen to participate in the high-level meetings in the last day of the XV United Nations Climate Change Conference.

Copenhagen, Denmark, Dec 18 (SP). In his presentation at the closure of the Climate Change Conference –where he was one of the 15 chosen leaders of the world-, President Álvero Uribe Vélez reiterated the need to come to an agreement to stop the effects of that phenomenon, considering that “climate change threat does not give time to extend debates”.

The Colombian President, pointed that out during the previous deliberation session, before the conclusions of that multilateral meeting, along with the General Secretary of the Organization of American States, Ban-Ki Moon, and the presidents of the United States, Brazil, China, Russia, Sweden, South Africa and South Korea.

“Climate Change threat does not give time to extend debates, does not give leeway to discuss sustainable development. Climate Change threat demands an action in order to achieve ambitious goals to reduce emissions, to help poor countries to adapt themselves to the new process of economy”, the Colombian Leader highlighted.

He said that the final document includes verification mechanisms and revealed that in order to “get to a general consent, considering the request that some have made to not accept external verification, the document has proposed an auto-verification”.

He also highlighted that it is very important for the agreement to include some sanctions, for the countries that violate the commitments agreed during the Conference.
“The document still needs a chapter of sanctions. Such delicate matter as the climate change, a world asking for help to face this challenge, can not be unbalanced and ask for help in one side and then deny applying sanctions on the other side”, he said.

Colombia reiterates commitment with clean energies

As for the contributions of Colombia facing climate change, he reminded that the country has serious commitments for promoting clean energies.

“We reiterate our commitment to move forward in bio-fuels without affecting the jungle, without affecting food security. In the last years we have begin bio-fuels productions with that requirements. We have the second place in Latin America in ethanol, after Brazil, and we have the first place in bio-diesel.

“We reiterate our commitment to promote wind power, solar, geo-thermal. We believe in the need to give an economic compensation for taking care of the jungle. The jungle is the lung of humanity”, he highlighted.

He pointed out that the Colombian Amazon jungle is ten times bigger than Denmark, and in order to protect it, trade is forbidden in 40 per cent of its territory. In addition, he explained the benefits of the Forest Keepers Families Program.
President Uribe was one of the 15 Heads of State, chosen to speak during the high lever meetings held in Copenhagen, in the last day of the United Nations Climate Change Conference.


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